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Marion Daniel

11am, Sunday 25th June

Healing and deliverance:
1pm, Sunday 2nd July

Dunwood Oaks
SO51 0GF
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Our Day conferences

We hope that you will see an exciting conference theme that is right for you and join us, as everyone is welcome. We are currently using Dunwood Oaks for the majority of our day conferences.

Freedom From Freemasonry

Saturday, 23rd September 2017
With Alan Daniel and team at Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge, Hampshire. 

Sozo Ministries International has been called and anointed to minister to people whose lives have been affected by freemasonry, as well as many other ungodly societies and brotherhoods. The effects that these false brotherhoods have on their members can be quite severe and can affect members’ families for generations. We have witnessed great success in seeing the captives released. People have testified that the roots of freemasonry have finally been severed and that they are free! We deal with this issue in a comprehensive manner with authority and understanding, but with a heart of love and compassion for those affected. We urge you to get on and deal with this in an urgent manner if in your family line!

• Contact us on +44 (0)1794 344 920 to discuss further details
• Register for the day with the online booking form
• Print off the PDF brochure and mail it to us for postal registration (available soon)

Other Conferences Not Currently Scheduled

A Day In His Presence

With Marion Daniel and team at Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge, Hampshire.

Come and seek God's face in an uninterrupted time of Spirit-led worship. Would you like to spend time resting in His presence? Are you ready to take YOUR worship a step further? Have you experienced freedom in YOUR soul during worship? Come and expect a healing touch! Join us for an inspiring, powerful time!

A Pierced Heart & Soul

With Marion Daniel and team at Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge, Hampshire.

Simeon said to Mary, "Yea, A sword shall pierce through thy own soul also..." Luke 2:35

He was referring to the heart-rending pain that Mary was to endure in watching her Son suffer. Many mothers can experience such deep heartache over their children. Young children or those who have grown up can cause so much grief and sorrow. As life rolls on the pain gets buried, and we sometimes just go numb!

Has your child chosen a difficult road in life and you've had to watch them struggle every day? Are they backslidden and your heart aches continually for them to return to God? Have you been a carer during someone's death or suffering? Or has your child deeply disappointed you in some way?

This is a unique seminar for mothers and grandmothers who need to receive healing from agony in their souls. Whether the pain is years old or very recent, you need your wounds healed!

"He healeth the broken in heart and bindeth up their wounds." Psalm 147:3

Join with some other sisters on this day and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to your deepest hurts. There are many mothers walking around with so much heartache piercing their souls. Come and receive inner healing through the Blood of Jesus.

Abundant Wholeness

With Marion Daniel and team at Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge, Hampshire. 

Wholeness is hard to perceive if you’ve never had it. Try to imagine being free, cleansed, healed & equipped for life. Well, you can be all these things! God has given us all the necessary tools for every eventuality. Until we look for them, or are taught about them, we just don’t know they’re there! Here is a day of foundational teaching with prayer ministry for YOU to be whole.

THE AIM?... is to take people into the Holy of Holies in worship and to see signs, wonders and miracles following the preaching of the uncompromised Word of God. To make people confident in their inheritance to receive wholeness in Body, Mind and Spirit, thus enabling them to walk in VICTORY.

Finally, to give people a life-changing experience to minister to others. We will be ministering the Word of God with power. Teaching, fellowship, ministry, healings and miracles in Jesus’ name.


With Richard Cary and family at Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge, Hampshire.

"O taste and see that the Lord is good..." Psalm 34:8 
Come and get a flavour of the Jewishness of your faith! There is an awakening throughout the world where many believers are rising up wanting to know more about the covenant roots found in Jesus.

This day is light, fresh, jargon-free, religion-free and most of all—fun! It will be cut into four bitesize sessions:

Session 1. Richard will explain how we lost sight of the early church and drifted into a Gentile movement!

Session 2. Helen asks whether keeping a Sabbath is "old fashioned" and "Old Testament" or whether it's a Biblical command which still stands today. She will share on how we can enjoy a family day of rest, good simple food and fun while keeping the Lord at the centre for a whole day!

Session 3. Learn about how the spring feasts are Biblical, enjoyable and edifying! You've probably celebrate two of these before! Passover (Easter) and Shavuot (Pentecost) which are both celebrated in many churches already. 

Session 4. Celebration praise and worship, singing in Hebrew, dancing, banners and flags. Our Jewish style dancing will be led by David & Roz.

The Battle Of Your Mind

With Marion Daniel and team at Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge, Hampshire. 

We all know the mind is the place where the battle starts and ends! We all know that the enemy is the father of lies and the master of confusion! Overcoming this is the key! But how can that be a lasting victory in my life?  

"A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways." James 1:8

The aim? Like any war - having the correct armour to wear and the correct 'tools' to fight with is the key to the battle and the war! When we are not in a battle - life seems so easy! Hear Marion share scripture, prayer ministry and wisdom to help you hold onto the keys and walk in them daily. 


A Day Of Deliverance 2

With Marion Daniel and team at Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge, Hampshire.

Sozo Ministries International is a healing and deliverance ministry. It’s what God has called us to do! We have been here ministering for over 30 years and have seen some wonderful miracles, breakthroughs and fruit in people’s lives.

In that time we have amassed a lot of detailed knowledge and wisdom on popular subjects and sometimes not so popular subjects. This day conference is for those who want to move on. It is a follow-on conference from ‘A Day of Deliverance’ which deals with more generalised occult activities and similar, although they do both stand alone. A ‘Day of Deliverance 2’ goes deeper into a variety of other subjects and topics. You do not need to have attended the first conference to attend this conference.

The day will include teaching on:

• Deuteronomy 28

This chapter of the Bible contains the blessings and curses which are manifest in our lives through obedience and disobedience. We will take a corporate prayer walk of deliverance through this chapter as a foundation for the day. Struggling to shake off your enemies, emotionally, spiritually and physically? Feeling oppressed? Do you feel overcome or weighed down? The weight of the world on your shoulders? Let the oppressed go free! - God is a refuge to the oppressed! Jesus was oppressed and took it on the cross (Isaiah 53:7). We can overcome oppression. Come and learn what the roots of oppression are and be set free! Understand the causes, and find out how to overcome them.

• Church Bruising

We like to think we experience love and tender nurturing and that the church is full of happy sheep. Sometimes we hurt each other without even knowing it!  In reality many sheep and leaders are carrying around bruises and scars from years ago and/or even today are experiencing pain. Why is there so much heartache from each other? Scripture has much to say on this subject and there is a great need for prayer and healing. Pastors - Come! Leaders - Come! Sheep - Come!

• Music

Music is spiritual and has an effect on the soul in a unique way - That’s why we listen to it! That’s why the world cannot survive without it. It’s everywhere we go, shops, lifts, even toilets! Music can touch us very deeply, but what effect does it have on our soul? If the soul of the composer is imparted through his/her music then what are we exposing ourselves too? Gentle, soft, loud, busy, relaxing music can all have different roots. The music you love... is it edifying you or binding you up? Come, hear the teaching and decide for yourself!

• Pitfalls of Modern Technology

Years ago, people were comfortable leaving the doors and windows of their home unlocked because they trusted everyone in their community. Today we have them securely bolted against intruders - OR DO WE? Today we are protected - OR ARE WE? Whilst we know that technology is a powerful tool for the gospel and is an inescapable part of modern living, if we are not wise, we could be leaving a door or window open to the enemy. We have to protect ourselves and our children from all the things that can flood in, via technology and our screens. Often the very children we need to protect know more than us! We need to be one step ahead. Some of us adults also need pulling up on our discernment and standards too! Come and hear all about the current and future dangers and how to avoid them! Find out what practical steps can be used to make sure your home and family is guarded and safe. Join Simon Badger as he helps us to learn and understand the pros and cons of the times we live in!

Face To Face With God

With Marion Daniel and team at Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge, Hampshire. 

Do you feel that you're not hearing the Lord speak to you as clearly and as regularly as you would like? Maybe you're not hearing from God through His Word, not hearing from Him about everyday decisions or wondering if it's actually your fault or the Enemy's fault? The plan for this day includes teaching on how to hear Him speaking to YOU! There will also be informal sessions listening to the Word with help to hear what has been anointed to you from the passage. There will also be a chance to join an open forum and ask any questions you might have. If you struggle in studying or understanding the Word and lack confidence in hearing God's voice - this day is for you!

Family Hebraic Restoration

With Richard Cary and family at Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge, Hampshire.

Is something missing in your family's life, or the church family's life? The Torah has the answers, but how can we apply them without being caught up with unscriptural legalism? God is bringing back those missing pieces. Let's learn from Jewish people how to apply God's instructions in the Torah (the first five books in the Bible) to put Yeshua, the Life, back into family life.

Join Richard and Helen Cary along with their children and our team: "In simple and practical ways we've brought the Feasts of the Lord, spoken of in Leviticus 23, back to the centre of family life. As we have opened our hearts to what the Torah has to teach us, we have reaped a bountiful harvest of blessing and much family fun."

Come and find out how you too can enjoy that fun! There will be teaching, worship and practical sessions (it will be suitable for children 11 years and up).

Can a liberated Hebraic lifestyle save the God given family unit? We think it can and we invite you to come and hear how! There is freedom in celebrating the Jewishness of Jesus in our Christian walk. Get ready for the time when Jews will look on us as Gentile believers in the Jewish Messiah and want what we have got.

You... a wild olive were grafted in... and can draw from the rich roots... remember that you are not supporting the root, but the root is supporting you. 

A Healing Day For Jewish People (And Their Gentile Friends)

With Paul & Kate Sullivan and Chris Burden at Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge, Hampshire.

This life-changing ministry came about when a Jewish sister in the Lord approached Marion to minister to her regarding an incident with someone in authority. As we listened to a précis of her past, which included her father fleeing Austria on the ‘Kinder Transport’ in World War 2, we found that much of the pain she was experiencing was the same pain that Jewish people have suffered as individuals and as a nation for centuries.

When we knew that God had set her gloriously free, we knew that this ministry would be key to all Jews as well as those from persecuted generations. There is a great deal of silence in the lives of people from Jewish backgrounds that has brought much trauma. This dynamic teaching will bring a great deal of inner healing and release to those who know they are not free.

Healing Hidden Bruises

At Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge, Hampshire.

There are many bruises hidden inside that others cannot see, that we can feel, and they're very painful. Is there pain you cannot describe... that you cannot remember ever being without? Is there pain that suddenly appears and you don't know why? These are bruises that Jesus can heal.

Sometimes, attitudes and pain are hidden and tucked away deeply in the soul. We don't know they are there or we don't know how to recognise what they are. Join us on this day to face these things and deal with them. Let's have a day on His presence seeking His wisdom for our souls.

Healing In Worship

With Marion Daniel and team at Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge, Hampshire.

Do you know what it means to worship the Lord in the beauty of Holiness? Do we really understand the blessing of His healing presence? What does it mean to touch the hem of His garment? How can I find the key to deep worship from MY soul? How can I understand more fully that I can be made whole in worship?

A greater understanding of worship could bring you into a new place with God the Father. Join us for a day exploring together what this means.

A miraculous testimony of the power of praise, “After two years of being very sick with ME, I was instantly healed in worship. After there had been a process of dealing with various things in prayer and realising that Jesus had taken sickness on the cross, I was able to receive a miracle! I became pain free and threw my wheelchair away! Praise God!”

We are called to live a sanctified life as Paul wrote, "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service" (Romans 12:1). Join us and explore His holy presence!

Ministry To Health Care Workers And Carers

With Alan Daniel and team at Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge, Hampshire.

"Having spent 12 years in front-line medical work in the Ambulance Service, I realised that I spent my life tired and washed out. I could spend 2 weeks in the sun and first shift back at work I would be exhausted again. As my Christian walk with God developed, I realised that I was helping people who were amidst some of the biggest crises that they had ever had the misfortune to experience.

How did I spiritually deal with the shock, horror and stress that I witnessed day in, day out? The answer - I did nothing. Why was I plagued at night with spiritual darkness and thoughts of death? I did not know! Why was I devoid of emotions? Because my coping mechanism was shut down? Was that God’s best for me? Where did the compassion go? How could I see the funny side of other people’s trauma?

What memories haunt us? Perhaps it's a feeling of guilt for someone who suffered poor treatment or a patient we lost that we had nursed for a long time and was close to us? Perhaps we need prayer because we were persecuted by those over us?

For each person it will be different - but God wants us ALL to be set free of any wrong influence or pain that we have carried around with us!"


This day is open to anyone who has cared for, nursed or looked after people even if that is loved ones at home. If you are in doubt feel free to call us and discuss.

More Than Conquerors!

With Marion Daniel and team at Winchester Vineyard Church, Winchester.

"Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us." Romans 8:37. Come and overcome with us and set your face to conquer with a choice of groups and different topics to meet your need.

Day workshops include: Overcoming Fear, Overcoming Idols, Overcoming Mental Strongholds, Overcoming Jealousy and Envy, Overcoming Attacks on the Family, Overcoming Grief and Sorrow.

A conqueror is someone who gains a victory, conquers the enemy and overcomes by force! Join us for More Than Conquerors and hear how Jesus has gotten us the victory!


Relationships - Help!

With Marion Daniel and team at Dunwood Oaks, Awbridge, Hampshire. 

Relationships are meant to be enjoyed, so what happened? This day will cover a variety of topics that include gaining spiritual freedom from broken relationships, family feuds and family business, sibling contentions, unhealthy co-dependencies, friendship breakdowns, workplace relationships... This is a great opportunity to sort any heartaches from the past and prepare ourselves for a better future. Learn what it means to play your part in a godly relationship and hear from the best relationship Counsellor - Father God!

the time is now - training course

With Marion Daniel and team at Mountbatten School, Romsey.

Do you want to get your sleeves rolled up and help people? Not sure where to start?

This is a training course for anyone who desires to help other people find their freedom in Jesus. The teaching will enable delegates to build up a good knowledge of Scripture coupled with practical advice and prayer strategies that will prove invaluable in helping people in prayer or ministry.

This course is for people who know they have an established personal walk with God and desire to look outwards to the hurting and needy. As it is solely a teaching course there will be no private ministry. If we all wait for someone else to help the needy, who will help those who are hurting today? If you have a heart for these people then this course could enable you to reach out and bless them. As a ministry we see a large number of God’s people crying out for someone to help them. Why not learn how to REALLY HELP - not just put a sticky plaster on their difficulties.

The course is designed to be enjoyable and relaxed with open forums and opportunities to learn and glean from each other. It is a blessing to spend time with like-minded people.

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For years I’ve had asthma and a sore throat.

When we were reading through the 33 degrees and praying, my throat started to clear and when I coughed it was all cleared up! Thank God for that.

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