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Fellowship meetings

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Our fellowship meetings start at 11:00am but you are welcome to come early, find your seat and join us for drinks from 10:30am. The meeting finishes at 1:00pm at which point many often stay to have a packed lunch together. Keep watch for our feast celebrations too! At various times throughout the year we have a big family meal together as we enjoy taking part in the Biblical feasts.


Healing and deliverance meetings

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Once a month, we hold a meeting that especially focuses on healing and deliverance. Join us to hear how God wants you whole! Enjoy worshipping with us, hearing the Word of God and receiving prayer for your needs. 


healing and deliverance meetings overview

We would appreciate people arriving early to be ready to worship at 1:00pm. Drinks, bookshop etc. will be open from 12:00pm in the Oak Barn. Once ready for the worship time, we would ask everyone to enter into the presence of God as they come through the sanctuary doors and get 'caught up' in praise and worship. After a quality time of praise and worship, we share God's Word followed by prayer ministry relevant to the preached message. The service will usually finish at approx 4:00pm. See below for information about refreshments, prayer ministry, activities for children etc. for the time after the main meeting. Doors close at 7pm.


If you have travelled a long way and would appreciate a drink upon your arrival please head to the Oak Barn. We will serve hot and cold drinks from 12:00pm and there is a place to come early if you have brought food with you. Stewards are available throughout the service should you have any urgent needs and water is available in the Sanctuary. Immediately after the service, hot and cold drinks are available again. If you plan to stay for fellowship and/or prayer, we would recommend bringing a packed meal with you as we no longer offer any catering, just drinks and biscuits.


There is an extensive range of books, CDs and DVDs available, some of which are not available from mainstream Christian bookshops (visit our online bookshop). The message of the day is available at the bookstall immediately after the service on CD or DVD.

After Service Fellowship

A great chance to get to know others from all over England and fellowship over a cup of tea! Please feel free to stay and share, pray and encourage one another.

Prayer Ministry (5pm-7pm)

We are in faith that some of your needs will be met during the service so please respond to all the ministry offered. If you decide after the meeting that you would still like personal prayer ministry, please see a steward who will direct you to have that arranged.

We appreciate that most people want to be seen as early as possible, but we use our discernment over the timing of appointments and endeavour to help as many as possible.

Children's Ministry

Children are encouraged to fully take part in the service. That can either be with their parents or by joining the Faith School leaders and other children. The leaders join together with the children for the praise and worship and then during the Word, the children go off to their own meeting. "Abraham's Children" is a group for those aged 4 to 11. 

After the main meeting we have "After Sozo Club". By signing your child in and out they can have supervised fun, games, arts and crafts until 6:30pm. Every leader has been fully police checked and approved. We adhere to the Church Child Protection Agency (see below).



There is an unmanned creche available for parents to use during their time with us. The service is streamed live into the creche room so that parents don't have to miss hearing the Word or joining in the meeting. We have a baby change facility within a children's toilet right nearby.

Child Protection

This information is here to benefit all who come to our meetings. Sozo Ministries International has a Child Protection Policy in place which has been formulated in consultation with the Churches Child Protection Agency. We include an extract from the policy below for your reference.

Fellowship Statement - The fellowship has a growing children’s and young people’s ministry. The Trustees and the Fellowship Leadership Team, hereafter “the CC” (Church Council), takes seriously its responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of children and young people entrusted to the church’s care.

Fellowship Mission - as part of the mission, the Church Council is committed to:

- Listening to, relating effectively and valuing children and young people whilst ensuring their protection within church activities.
- Encouraging and supporting parents/carers.
- Ensuring that children’s/youth workers are given support and training.
- Having a system for dealing with concerns about possible abuse.
- Maintaining good links with the statutory child care authorities.

Please note that it is a school rule that children should not be left unattended at any time whilst they are with us.

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