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Marion Daniel

11am, Sunday 25th June

Healing and deliverance:
1pm, Sunday 2nd July

Dunwood Oaks
SO51 0GF
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“I came to your Wirral meetings desperate for the Lord to heal me.

I’m thirty and have suffered for 6 years from an extremely rare problem whereby all my joints keep dislocating due to extreme hypermobility. It was so painful. I was literally falling apart on the inside and have been on 4 hourly pain relief for a long time.
I couldn’t breathe properly or straighten my spine; I had a block under one foot as one leg was shorter than the other, also splints were holding my toe joints in place. I kept away from groups in case anyone knocked me and no one has been able to hug me.
I was in total despair and knew I needed a miracle.
Well, it’s so wonderful, I received prayer and GOD HAS MIRACULOUSLY HEALED ME!

The next day I had to take the block out from under my foot because it was so uncomfortable to stand on. My legs are now the same length & I can walk properly! I’ve removed all the splints from my toes, I can straighten my back, breathe properly, & people can hug me safely now without the fear of hurting me. I’ve also slept well since the ministry & haven’t had any pain killers for a whole week. We’re returning all my drugs to the pharmacy. The Lord spoke to me and said, ‘try & bend your thumb back,’ (I used to be able to bend it right back to touch my arm) I can’t do it now - the hypermobility has completely gone! I’m absolutely overwhelmed, overjoyed & praising God!”

We saw this lady 8 months later and her life has changed considerably since her miracle. She was so excited to come again

“I was disabled and a wheelchair user for 13 years with fibromyalgia and arthritis. 3 years ago, after attending a 2nd Freedom from Freemasonry day I was running, the Lord healed me of fibromyalgia and I was able to walk again, praise God!

Since then I’ve been using a stick due to the arthritis, which has affected my joints. I was diagnosed with the disease in my early 20's & was still, on occasion, having to use a wheelchair. Two weeks before the Wirral Conference, I realised that I’d not used my wheelchair in a long time & had it sent back. At the meetings the Lord completed my healing, PRAISE THE LORD! I THREW AWAY MY STICK - THE ARTHRITIS HAS COMPLETELY GONE! I’ve been able to walk without pain & have regained my balance, muscle tone & speed! It was so wonderful just to be able to queue up in the ladies’ toilets
& to pay for car parking again, what a blessing! Our God is so Great & Mighty, I’m free!” Irene, Wirral

We have also seen this lady 8 months later and her testimony stands the test of time too. Her life has also radically changed due to her miracle.

Major surgery couldn’t solve the problem...God did!

“After major surgery on my bowel and stomach I experienced 21 years of constant pain and swelling.

I attended your Freedom from Freemasonry conference and since then (some considerable time on) I can share with you that I was absolutely healed from that.

I’ve never had anymore pain, no more swelling, no more bloating and I can even do sit ups!

Looking back I know when it all changed - it was when the curses of freemasonry were broken off me!” Anon

“Thirty years ago I had post natal depression and even after hospitalisation, several antidepressants and ECT, the depression still clung to me. My mornings were very bad and I had nightmares. After you prayed that night I had the best night’s sleep in thirty years with no nightmares. I also felt refreshed.
I then had the best day I’ve had in thirty years - I thank God!”

“Our daughter who is 33 today had that wonderful miracle of her sight restored three weeks after your Freedom from freemasonry Conference in N Ireland last May. As you know she had been completely blind in one eye for over a year. Tests couldn’t reveal why this had happened.

Her dad stood in prayer on her behalf. One week later she said she could see colours, second week she could see the outline of trees & the third week she felt a ‘funny sensation.’ Her eyes started to stream with water. As we prayed she shouted. “Oh mummy & daddy I can see, I can see!”

Praise God she is still rejoicing in her miracle today. My husband himself had a mighty touch from the Lord with strength restored in his legs after years of unexplained weakness.”

To God be the glory great things He hath done.” AMEN, WE AGREE!

Here is an extract taken from a very long testimony sent into the office describing major areas where God has brought this person out of the pit and back into His purposes. The transformation is thrilling. Let God give you hope, if you need it, through this summary.

“Briefly, past abuse caused me for 20 years to turn on myself.
I was even sectioned in hospital due to severe anorexia. I nearly destroyed my life & was living a nightmare. I hated myself and
what I had allowed to happen.

Since I attended your last September’s Freedom from freemasonry Conference I’ve noticed so many changes:-
God has healed me from controlling curses & conditional love.
I ‘know’ something has happened in me and I have an inner peace that I have never known before.

I am no longer afraid of my father and no longer feel I need to ‘earn’ his or others love. I had always felt I wasn’t good enough. I can now tell him I love him. I no longer feel the need to reach out for ‘earthly’ love like I used to. I can also now tell my mother I love her. I will no longer allow her to manipulate me or use emotional blackmail. I am now free to be ‘me’.

I can stand strong spiritually and emotionally in a way I never have before. Also, I’m recognizing when the enemy is
‘having a go’, & with God’s strength in me, more able to stand against him.

I’m now in a place I had only dreamt of or tried to imagine in the past. Praise the Lord and thank you!” Anon

What Sozo is all about! “I could write a book of all that’s happened since I came to the freedom from freemasonry conference, but here is a summary to encourage all of you & give God the glory!

My father was a freemason throughout all of my childhood as were my grandfather, my uncle & all of my parent’s closest friends. On the conference all the curses of freemasonry were broken. Soon after my return my Dad announced that he would go on an Alpha Course - he got saved!

God has also healed me of an eating disorder that I’d had for 20 years & I now live life free of guilt & shame.

It’s really hard to explain how God has restored me as I’m married to the
same man, have the same job, same finances, same house, look much the same & yet every one of those things now feels different.

Whereas life was fraught with difficulty & striving, I now have hope & a purpose, my focus is God not me. He gives me joy & peace that I never thought possible. Praise Him!” Anon

Flying Free after 50 year battle! “I’m delighted to have the "victory" at last & send you my testimony.

I’m in my fifties & have been coping & living with abuse, stemming from my early childhood. This triggered depression in my early teens & I experienced re-occurring panic, fear, mental blockage, & low self-esteem. I always cried out to the Lord & in later life received much Christian counsel & prayer, grew stronger & wiser, but Satan would always re-attack & bring me back to a low point again.

I was encouraged to come to the Sozo, Freedom from Freemasonry Conference last September where I received full baptism & was released from generational Freemasonry in my family, praise the Lord. But, there was more.

Satan continued to attack me in my weakness, a friend recognised "abuse" & kindly lent me the 7 CD's from the ‘Hidden Abuse’ Conference. The Lord is so merciful. I had a much needed break alone & spent countless hours listening, praying & taking down notes with revelations & Scripture. As more & more was released I realised that although I’d recognised family abuse, & abuse in the marriage, it became evident that Satan had attacked me in all areas of my life for almost fifty years, & that I was also accountable.

Finally, on the last day of my break, I knew God had set me free. I owe my life to Sozo, God bless you all & your ministry - I give God the glory. "The snare has broken and the bird is set free". Forgiveness is such a key.
Once I returned home, my dear old mum had been granted extra attendance allowance - I have previously been turned down three times, & mum was finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. I have felt trapped in an unhappy & under-valued work situation for 12 months, looking to change my career but every door seemed closed.
On my return I received an e-mail for a position I had applied for last December praise the Lord. I’m beaming!” Anon

Emotional Secrecy Sozo Sunday message recorded on DVD, CD, Cassette: “Do you withhold your feelings but long to share them? Or, perhaps that’s your spouse?
Either way you are living with it! Silence is abusive! If you or your ancestors have been involved with a brotherhood the vows of secrecy could be affecting your soul.” Marion

Testimony: “Thank you for this powerful message on Emotional Secrecy.
I shared with my husband the revelations I had regarding the generational curses, that he is bound by from his family, & how they have affected him & our marriage. He listened to the CD & has confessed to crying buckets. The Lord has opened his eyes & revealed all. He says he feels four stone lighter!
The Holy Spirit gave him revelations of his family life with his parents that he’d forgotten about,
or buried very deep to stop it hurting. He saw clearly how his mum had used secrecy as a form
of punishment or revenge, not only on him, but on the rest of the family.

He could also see how his dad had kept things hidden from his mum & his own brother ever since
a little boy had kept secrets from him. The whole household had secrets, & only those who were in the line of favour would be rewarded with the answers. He was in awe of God for getting him out of such a web of bondage in family life. Thank you so much.” Anon

“My wife & I came on the Freedom from Freemasonry conference last weekend. We were so blessed. The main thing we have been acutely aware of since the ministry is the depth of freedom we have both experienced. Also the confusion we both suffered with has completely GONE. Our minds are so clear now & we can see so much. This is big for both of us - many thanks for the ministry!” D&J B Tyne & Wear

“I came to this Freedom from Freemasonry Conference because my step-dad was a mason. I’ve had M.E. for 21 years ever since the time my mum & my step-dad got together. As I stood last night after the ministry I realised I didn’t have jelly legs anymore - I felt & feel very, very strong in my legs! It’s wonderful & I’m loving it! Also, I can now feel the leg & foot that has been completely numb for all those years, so I’m walking around in bare feet just to enjoy the sensation of the hard floor beneath them. I’m like a kid with a new toy!” AL Staffs

“I can dance again!” “My ability to dance has come back to me on this Freedom from Freemasonry weekend - I’m overjoyed! I‘d been told I was almost ready for a wheel-chair as I could barely walk. I’ve been getting my life in line with God’s Word & this weekend has really helped me to do that. The enemy wanted to stop me dancing but, with all that has been done spiritually this weekend, I’ve been able to step out again & dance for my Lord! It’s been wonderful!” MB Leic

Poverty goes when curse is broken! “On the Jewish Roots day conference the Lord released me from my family’s poverty & my fear of not having enough. Homelessness & bankruptcy had been key issues during my childhood.The Lord showed me that it was when my mother turned away from her Jewishness & shut the door on it all, that she went into poverty. She struggled all her life until her latter years when she came to know the Lord as her Saviour. Then she was blessed. She had been brought up an orthodox Jew in a very wealthy family. After the ministry I felt a peace & release from that fear & stronghold of poverty.” RD Hants

Coming Home… “I deeply appreciate the sensitivity of Pastor Marion & her team to the Holy Spirit on the Jewish Roots Day Conference.
Tears flowed as curses were broken off my Jewish background through ancient history & modern insults, coldness, hatred & my ‘numbed’ response to it all. I was particularly released from a sense of alienation, having always been ‘behind a barrier,’ for which I’ve had ministry before, but until now, without effect.

I’m now aware of my inclusivity in humanity, in a new, very refreshing way. For the first time in my life (I have just turned 67) I feel as if I belong. Also people are definitely friendlier to me. This is a new experience as I’ve encountered more hostility& misunderstanding than comprehension. I’m liberated!” TC Berks

“I was in debt & registered as homeless at my local council’s homeless department when God led me to tithe all my income & trust His promises! Although God was faithful & honoured my step
of faith, every advance I’d make in terms of financial management seemed to vanish & be diminished by set backs.

BUT... I thank God this all changed after curses of financial insufficiency & lack were broken during my attendance on your Freedom from Freemasonry conference!” Anon

The Whole Story… “It’s taken me a long time to write but I would like to say how wonderful the Wholeness Conference was last year. I’m now a different person & feel as if I have been knitted together inside & am indeed whole. I’ve noticed a great improvement mentally.

Issues came up during the prayer ministry around my being unable to forgive my parents, particularly my mother. I was encouraged to talk to my mother about it which I did & now our relationship is very different. Thank you for all your kindness & support.” Anon

Confusion has gone! “I knew attending the Freedom from Freemasonry Conference was an anointed, appointed occasion. During the ministry for dyslexia and autism I was strongly affected and immediately afterwards felt better. Also, as the day progressed I felt a cloud lifting off my mind and my head felt clearer. I can declare that since then I have not been double-minded and confused!

I’ve noticed I’ve been more confident at work too and feel freer to communicate not just inside my head but using my voice. My shackles are gone, my spirit is free, praise the Lord He lifted me.” KD Hants

“I spoke to you recently & shared my testimony about God healing my back when I watched the Jewish Roots DVD. (Available at the bookstall or by mail-order.)

I also went to the Freedom from Freemasonry Conference back in March. Up until then I had problems driving out of Leamington Spa & couldn't drive long distances. I used to get terrible back pains if I drove more than an hour & was terrified of islands & motorways.

During November I set off for Middlesbrough - it took me 4½ hours to get there. Two days later I drove back home in atrocious conditions, missed the turnoff for the M18 & due to my diversion took 5 hours with very little rest in between. I had no pain in my back during either journey and enjoyed motorway driving & going round the islands. I could feel God’s presence in a very real & tangible way. Thank you! God bless.” LG Warks

Coming back to life! “After the precious day of ministry for Jewish Roots I went on to visit my daughters. I know the Lord has released me from numbness as I found myself responding to them in a more outgoing & closer way, they did too to me! This is healing to wounds from our years of being out of communication & being separated from them when they were children.

I also thank God for the understanding of my deep-rooted need for secrecy all my life, scrabbling about in the dark, fearful of switching on lights & fearful of being seen or heard in my home or garden....things are going to be different from now on.” PS Scotland

120 miles to ‘healing oasis!’ “I’ve been a Christian since a child, read many books & attended church most of my life, yet the ministry I’ve received through you in the last 20 months has outweighed all of this. I’m so thankful to have had the Word of God spoken over my life with such authority and simplicity. Words are inadequate.

After years of searching for peace I‘m now experiencing order in my inmost being.
God began with my mind, pulling down the strongholds of intellect, unbelief, every false thing. Now my heart. At the Abundant Wholeness Conference I cried & cried, I could feel love for the first time in my life. He is pulling down generational strongholds in my family & given me back hope.
Thank you for accepting me, & for your humility and love. I drive 120 miles to you
For ‘water’ which is life to me.” Anon

KNOWING God’s Will! “As Marion brought forth the teaching on the ‘Knowing God’s Will for Your Life’ Conference it broke through wrong mind-sets I had gained through how I had perceived things.

I realised I’d believed that I had messed up & that I was no longer in God’s plan for my life & was just living with regrets that wouldn’t go away.
Now I know that God uses everything we go through & gets us where He wants us to be, maybe not as quickly, but He doesn’t let us go. I had let doubt steal my peace. I found the teaching about common sense & accountability life-changing. I decided to put to flight a few things that had been stealing my peace & making me double-minded as my heart tried to rule my mind (without common sense I might add!) I’ve experienced a deeper prayer life & I’m getting into God’s presence in worship at home more & I know HE KNOWS BEST! I just want the best He has for me!” Anon

My Problem or My Sin? Recorded Sozo Sunday message on DVD, CD, Cassette: Many of us say:- “I have this problem...” If we said, “I have this SIN” - perhaps we would DEAL WITH IT! Marion

“Marion shared the most relevant message for the modern age. In a western world where many social ills are analysed in terms of ‘problem behaviours’, she shed the light of the Word on a raft of deception.

While we see things as problems we’ll have a very limited success rate of breakthrough. But, as we see things as our sin, the goodness of God will
lead us to repentance and liberty! This message is a must for us all. There is hope in Jesus if your ‘problem’ is not going! Listen to this one everyone, don’t miss it or shelve it.” NW Berks

I’ve got what you’ve all got!

I can now smile like all of you. (Since being here I have become saved) and I can’t even remember that I had ME. I just don’t remember it. The love I now have is what I was looking for, I have found God. I’m going back a new person.

“I was broken hearted.........
really sad and my hope was deferred. I’d forgotten God’s promises that He was going to heal me and He has!’

“My friend pushed me in a wheelchair. I’ve had severe ME. for 8 years. The first night I slept marvellously and woke up as if I was new person. I have had insomnia for years. I'm now full of peace, full at love and I even knelt down to worship and my knees felt all right - normal. I have felt the massive love of God lowering over me and in me. I can’t explain what it feels like. I’ve never heard any ministry like yours. All this love that you give out, there is no word to explain it but thank you. I was never without pain but now I am and it's wonderful!”

“Also I usually take hours to get off to sleep and then I sleep for an hour wake again and take hours to get off - it was torment. Last night I slept for 6 hours in a row and woke without any pain and it still continues!”

"I'd been a freemason for twelve years and had prayer before but the depth that you went into on the conference was extraordinary. Your ministry notes are spot on. There was a lot of things I thought had been dealt with, but hadn’t. Praise God that they have now and it’s all behind me”

“For years I’ve had asthma and a sore throat. The Dr gave me an asthma pump but I don’t like taking medicine all the time, so my Mum uses anointing oil instead and it works better than anything else! When we were reading through the 33 degrees and praying, my throat started to clear and when I coughed it was all cleared up! Thank God for that.”

- God has picked me up and I was born again in August this year. I left a pitch dark room (light caused intense pain) and I arrived with 3 blindfolds, thick sunglasses etc. But... all came off last night I've eaten 15 things which I was allergic to! & my deformed toes have been made straight
After the ME. conference this lady could sit up, dance for short periods, play her guitar and cook some food which she hasn’t been able to do for years!

“Curses were broken over my life. Now I have a completely different attitude. My husband has noticed a huge difference!”

Also I usually take hours to get off to sleep and then I sleep for an hour wake again and take hours to get off - it was torment. Last night I slept for 6 hours in a row and woke without any pain and it still continues!”

“It's a miracle I’m here. My friend pushed me in a wheelchair. I’ve had severe ME. for 8 years. The first night I slept marvellously and woke up as if I was new person, I have had insomnia for years. I'm now full of peace, full at love and I even knelt down to worship and my knees felt all right - normal. I have felt the massive love of God towering over me and in me. I can’t explain what it feels like. I’ve never heard of a ministry like yours. All this love that you give out, there is no word to explain it but thank you. I was never without pain but now I am and it's wonderful!”

Ben, 10, ill with M.E. came to a Sozo meeting with his sister, mum and dad to seek healing. He received prayer ministry and his mother has let us know HE IS HEALED & BACK TO NORMAL!
He is back at school full time and recently followed this by going to youth group, playing table tennis and snooker, then the next day playing football and scoring 2 goals!
Taken from a phone call between Marion and his mother

"I'm COMPLETELY FREE from all the hurts of a broken marriage, the death of my mum and the bitterness, resentment and envy that I was suffering from have melted away. I can honestly say from my heart that by the blood of Jesus I am saved, healed and whole."
SB Hants (Having been on the Foundation of Wholeness residential conference).

"After I was anointed with oil I was pain free for the first time in years. I sat through the rest of the evening completely pain free. Through you the wisdom of the scriptures have touched my heart." JE Kent
"I'm free from deep unforgiveness & a wrong heart attitude at work that goes back years. Also from spirits associated with ungodly alternative treatments & ungodly initiations. I've been given the most amazing joy! I lay on my bed at one point laughing for 15 mins Through ministry I no longer want to resist God. Past family ties two generations back with the Exclusive Plymouth Brethren had bound me. Some of my family had been separated off in an ungodly way. Until now I've had problems with separation, legalism & condemnation. Now I'm free!" His presence! Amazing weekend!" Anon

"I had been severely ill with M.E.. I went to a Wholeness Conference and the miracles started straight away. The most striking thing about the meetings was the clear presence of God. Repentance over many issues led us to feeling wonderfully clean before God. Marion prayed and commanded the Spirit of Infirmity to go and I felt I was being filled with the Holy Spirit and a weight lifted from me. The power of the illness was broken AND RESTRICTIONS ON OUR LIVES HAVE SINCE LIFTED. To date my health has continued to improve. He gave me "beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness". Isaiah 61 v 3 Life is simply not the same!" SB St Barts. Research Scientist - London

"I listened to your message 'The Father Heart of God'. I felt this was the true test that I have been delivered from rejection as such a message would normally cause me to feel very hurt and bitter. But, I am now totally free in my relationships. I have very little contact with my earthly father, and only see him if I happen to bump into him. Despite this though, I know that my heart attitude towards him has changed to compassion and God's love rather than hate and resentment. Also, since I've listened to your messages on rejection I have been healed physically from iron deficiency anaemia and I've felt the joy of the Lord in such a new way, I feel so close to Him. Thank you!" PS Hants

"Previously during a 'Foundation of Wholeness conference', I was delivered from the dreadful effects of the spiritualism I was brought up in. I was released from deep mental anguish and suffering, and was free to pursue a reasonably normal Christian life. However, I have always assumed that my continuing fears of failure, my awakening each morning in a depression, and my inability to pray fluently when alone were quite normal in a life long battle with 'The Accuser.' I believed that we should each fight our own battles (after all, we do have the weapons!).

However, a recent spate of ugly visions during prayer time drove me to book on this conference. During the day I felt some inexplicable burden lift, progressively lightening a load I've always carried, however unwittingly. By the end I felt a new found peace and liberty previously unknown to me. As I write this on the 4th day following, I can now report that my prayer life has changed. God is no longer remote to me and I am now free to converse with the loving Father Jesus always spoke of. Finally, I'm free to spontaneously praise and worship, and now I know the joy of the Lord, and have discovered His burden is actually light! I'm so grateful to Sozo for their comprehensive research, brilliantly constructed presentation and being vessels of the power of our Redeemer!" GR Merseyside

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